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Taberinos Instructions

Use your mouse to aim where you'd like the ball to go, and then click the left mouse button to shoot.

Taberinos Walkthrough

Taberinos is a unique, pool-like game where you're only playing with one ball. Your goal is to aim and shoot the ball and bounce it off as many lines in succession as possible. Each level gives you a certain number of shots, so you can't screw around while you're playing, and after every 5 levels you're given an extra shot.

As far as scoring goes, the more successive hits, the better. While it's difficult to get them, it really adds to your score, and in later levels, it really helps with the number of shots you have left.

The first level may seem simple, but after a few levels, you'll notice certain nodes on the table. When you've disconnected every line from the node, you'll score ten points - and if you can get two nodes in one shot, the next node is worth twenty points. So, when getting a high score, it's essential that you aim your shots properly.

With no time limit in the game, you can take as much time as you'd like when aiming your shots and it can help if you're trying to make a difficult shot. But, in Taberinos, most shots are difficult. So, if you want to score a lot of points, don't worry about wasting a shot to set up a good shot. In most levels, if you get rid of all the easy shots right away, you'll end up barely scraping by. So it's a good idea to carefully think about what you're going to do, and then make your shots.

By the time you make it into later levels, you'll be playing a tight game. With tons of different nodes, the game turns itself upside down, and you'll want to keep playing this addicting game - so, good luck!