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Well, to play online pool games, you don't need a lot. Just like in most and average online pool games, you just need your mouse in Super Billiards. There are no fancy key combos that will leave your fingers twisted. Just use your mouse to position the cue, hit the cue ball, sink balls, rinse and repeat until you finish the game. With the controls taken care of, let's check out the game...

Super Billiards Walkthrough

OK, this is one of those pool games that are glossy and look really nice. BUT hey, this game isn't published just for the looks alone. Looks alone won't get you anywhere... games have to be fun and this pool game is. Well, if you are a HUGE fan of pool games that is. It doesn't bring some twisted versions of pool and billiards. Everything is pretty standard. There's nothing fancy or complicated. BUT the game does it quite well. Let's take a closer look...

Super Billiards comes with 2 pool games: first, we have the 8 ball pool, and if you grow tired of that, you can always switch to the straight pool. Before getting into details, one thing I really liked about Super Billiards is that their games come with multiplayer options. For 8 ball pool, you can go against the computer or you can play with someone else if you like. For the straight ball pool, you can go at it by yourself (single player mode), you can choose to play against someone else, or you can go up against the computer if there's no one around. Just remember, the AI in Super Billiards is quite good and it will exploit your mistakes on the table!

For the 8 Ball Pool, this game is played with all the 15 balls and a white cue ball. The objective is to pocket your set of balls. You can go for balls of solid colors, these are the balls numbered from 1 to 7. On the other hand, if your opponent has taken the 'solids', you will take on the stripes - the balls that are numbered 9 to 15. While the usual version of 8 Ball Pool requires you to call the shots, you don't need to in this version. Well, you still can if you are playing with a mate... it's still an option. Moving forward, if you fail to pocket one of your balls or if you scratch, your turn is over and it's your opponent's time to shine. The first to pocket LEGALLY the 8 ball wins the game.

As for breaks, this is done by the first player. This is done by firing the cue ball from any point behind the Head String. For those of you who are not aware, the Head String is that imaginary vertical line located at the rightmost spot of the pool table. By the way, if you want to score an instant victory in 8 ball, when you are about to break, pocket the 8 ball. It's possible, BUT very hard to execute. HOWEVER, if you pocket the 8 ball when you are NOT yet supposed to and if you are not shooting it, if you scratch the cue ball while aiming the 8 ball, you lose INSTANTLY!

Next, we have the Straight Pool, which is played with all 15 balls. The nice thing about Straight Pool is that there are no set of balls to pocket - no solids or stripes like in the 8 Ball Pool. You can shoot at any ball on the table. Be the first to pocket 8 balls regardless of color, number, or whatever, and you win the game. If you scratch or fail to pocket a ball, your turn is over and the second player gets his shot. The break, just like in 8 Ball Pool, is made by the first player. If he pockets a ball, he gets to continue his turn. Now that the rules for Super Billiards has been spelled out, stop reading and start playing!