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Straight Clear-Up (Pool/Billiards) Instructions

There are a few different control schemes you can use while playing Straight Clear-Up. The manual power setting lets you increase or decrease the power of the shot by pulling down with the mouse while clicking, and the timer power shot increases the strength of the shot depending on how long you hold down the left mouse button. You can also change the spin of the cue ball with the arrow keys, speed up shots with the Z button, and use M to move the cue ball when possible.

Straight Clear-Up (Pool/Billiards) Walkthrough

Straight Clear-Up is a great online pool game - instead of playing a regular game of pool or billiards, Straight Clear-Up lets you play a time-attack version of the game. You're going to be trying to get as many balls in the pockets as you can, as fast as you can. The different control schemes really let you feel in control, if you don't like one, then you can just use the other.

Adding to the gameplay is a cool trophy feature, where, depending on your skillfulness and carefulness, you'll be able to unlock trophies based on your accomplishments. Like, depending on how many balls you can sink on a break, or how many balls you've sunk altogether.

If you like standard online pool games, you'll love Straight Clear-Up; the time attack version is much more playable than any regular game of pool, and with the great controls and trophies you'll want to unlock, you could play this game for quite a while.

Not only that, the speed-up button this game features is something many players will like. Instead of waiting for all the pool balls to quit moving before you can take another shot, like most other online pool games, just hold down the Z button to temporarily increase the speed of the game - so you won't be wasting any time in your time attack frenzy.