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Snooker Balls Up Instructions

Use your mouse to control the cue ball; try to avoid the other balls for as long as possible. If you touch one, the game will end, so see how long you can last in this snooker pool game.

Snooker Balls Up Walkthrough

Snooker Balls Up is a rather simple online pool game - there's only one objective, and that's to see how long you can keep your cue ball on the table. The only way it can get knocked off is if another ball - one of the red balls being added to the table every few seconds - touches it. So, you'll have to avoid all other balls as more and more are constantly added, and in that sense Snooker Balls Up can become quite hectic towards the end of the game.

If you get particularly far in Snooker Balls Up, you'll end up playing with more than 20 pool balls on the game screen at any given time, and since the pool balls that are added don't fall off the table, the game only gets progressively harder and harder. A good area to avoid is the top left corner of the table. That's where a new ball is added every few seconds, so if you're not keeping your cue ball up there, you'll have a better chance of survival.

Since your score is based on how long you can survive, it's important to go all out - and there's a little cheat you may not know about when playing Snooker Balls Up. Put your cue ball on the edge of any side of the screen - and then move your cursor around the game screen, so your cue ball isn't moving - and put it back in the game screen on the opposite side of the table. If done correctly, this will allow your cue ball to instantly jump from one side of the screen to another, so if you're really in a pinch, this small cheat is one of your options.

Overall, Snooker Balls Up is a mindless time waster that's simple and fun to play - see how long you can keep your cue ball alive, and see how high of a score you can get in this pool game adaptation.