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ShortRail Pool Instructions

Move the left and right arrow keys to aim your shot, and the up and down arrow keys for more or less power. To shoot, simply hit the enter button after you've carefully planned your shot.

ShortRail Pool Walkthrough

ShortRail Pool is like any other online pool game you've played - it's single player, you have to get all other pool balls in before shooting the 8-ball in, but, in ShortRail Pool, the goal is to clear the game as fast as possible.

You'll immediately notice the running timer in the top-left area of the screen, and while playing, your objective is to end with the lowest time possible. So, while you're playing, you'll be torn between making good, thought-out shots, or hasty shots that may not be the best ones.

While playing for your best time possible, you'll have to play somewhere between those two extremes. Just get fast with the keyboard - using the up and down arrow to gauge the power, and left and right keys to aim your shots. If you can use these faster than you normally would, then you'll be able to get a low time while playing.

When it comes to the gameplay, the pool balls in ShortRail Pool don't exactly move slowly, but the physics are quite reserved. Don't expect pool balls to go flying when you're making a high-powered shot. So, while you're playing, you'll have to make a lot of high-powered shots if you want pool balls to make it all the way across the playing table.

What makes it possible to get a fast clearing time is the built-in aiming system this game has. You won't have to go totally on intuition, the aiming system shows where all pool balls will go depending on what you're aiming for. When you're in doubt, simply look at what options you have, and go with the best one - the aiming system will take care of the rest.