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RackNRoll Pool Instructions

Place the cue ball wherever you'd like, and then take a shot. Use the up and down arrows to control the power of your shot, the mouse to click and aim where you're going to be shooting, and then hit the space bar to finally shoot.

RackNRoll Pool Walkthrough

RackNRoll Pool is an online pool game that combines multiplayer elements with great music. While playing, you'll be able to listen to some great tunes, and you'll be able to select your own opponents from a drop-down list that tells you who's online.

To start, simply pick your avatar and you'll find yourself in the pool lobby. You can either play a whole game by yourself, and you can choose from others to play against. You'll probably like playing against other players better, though, since playing a standard pool game by yourself isn't what most players are looking for.

While you're playing, you have the option to turn the music off if you're not enjoying it, and you also have the feature to save the current game you're playing if you have to get off your computer. This is something many online games don't offer - the ability to save your own game - and it's something RackNRoll Pool does well.

The gameplay and physics in RackNRoll Pool are simple - they make sense, and after you make a shot, the balls move very quickly. Though you won't be able to gauge your shots very well, and tell how your future shots will do, it does make for a faster game and you won't have to spend most of your time waiting for the pool balls to stop moving, and that's a welcome change.

To beat many future opponents, practice making complicated shots on your own, and never, ever, ever hit the 8-ball in before you're supposed to. Making thought-out shots will help you rather than hurt you, so think before you shoot in RackNRoll Pool, too.