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Prison Pockets Instructions

Point and click to aim your shot - the game will automatically gauge the power of your shot, so release your click when the desired power is reached. Make consecutive shots to gain more money per pool ball, and when money is on the table, sink pool balls in the designated pocket for a nice amount of bonus cash.

Prison Pockets Walkthrough

Prison Pockets is, like you guessed, a prison-themed pool game. Instead of shooting for a high score, you're playing for cash, and every pool ball you sink adds to the money in your wallet. There are a bunch of levels to play through, but you have a set amount of shots from the start of the game - and you won't gain shots by sinking pool balls either, so how far you get in Prison Pockets depends on your skill.

You'll start out each level with a certain amount of pool balls to sink. The first level is pretty easy, with only a few pools to sink, but later levels become much more difficult. Each pool ball you sink will be worth $50, but if it's a consecutive shot, you'll make a lot more money, and if you sink a pool ball into a pocket with money on it, it's worth even more.

Every time you scratch the cue ball you'll lose a shot, and since you're only given 10 at the start of the game, this is something you absolutely have to avoid. After passing a level, though, you'll gain additional shots, so if you're skilled at pool you can get pretty far in Prison Pockets.

Overall, Prison Pockets is a pool game with not only a great theme, but a unique aiming system. The objective of the game is great, too, since you'll want to see how many levels you can get through. And with bonus shots, the amount of money you can make is surprising - so see how much you money can make in Prison Pockets.