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Powerpool 2 Instructions

Click on the cue ball to bring the pool cue to the table, and drag the mouse back to gauge your shot power. You can shoot immediately after previous shots, even while the cue ball is still moving, making for a fast game.

Powerpool 2 Walkthrough

Powerpool 2 is the sequel to the popular game Powerpool, where you're not really playing a traditional game of pool, but a ridiculous and fun version that's never boring. You'll start the game with three options - the standard square table, a pentagon table, and a cross table. These range in difficulty, so try out the standard table if you've never played Powerpool2, or the first game, Powerpool.

You'll notice right away that this isn't your regular pool game. For instance, instead of waiting for all pool balls to stop moving before you can take another shot, you can just shoot the cue ball right away, even while it's still moving. This makes for a fast-paced game that won't let up until you're done, or, if you want to wait until all pool balls have stopped moving, well, you can do that too. Next, there are only a few different types of pool balls, and none of them consist of stripes or balls with numbers. There are standard, red balls and special-powered balls that take on a variety of colors. To find out what they do, you'll just have to hit them with the cue ball and hope for the best.

If you want to restart a level because you aren't doing well, simply hit the retry button on the bottom-right portion of the screen, but take note that it will take a cue ball from your reservoir. There are some levels in Powerpool 2 that can be beat in one shot, but they're few and far between, so don't waste too much time trying to make a perfect shot every time. Instead, make sure you hit special-powered balls as much as you can, and make sure you avoid sinking the cue ball by hitting it before it falls into a pocket - this is probably one of the only online pool games where you can do this, so take advantage of the feature.

Powerpool 2 is a great sequel and a game that will never be boring - see how many extra cue balls you can rack up if you're a pro, or see what level you can get to if you're an expert.