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Powerpool Instructions

Click on the cue ball to bring your pool cue to the table, drag the mouse back to gauge the power of your shot. You can also shoot the cue ball while it's still moving from a previous shot - do this to avoid penalties from sinking the cue ball.

Powerpool Walkthrough

Powerpool is not your average online pool game - it's exciting, fast paced, and most important of all - fun. That's right, Powerpool isn't exactly a realistic game by any means, there are power ups, you can still shoot the cue ball while it's moving, and the pool table only has four pockets.

Starting out, you'll notice that the pool balls aren't exactly regulation size; they're huge. The cue ball you'll shoot is white, but the balls you'll be making in are red, except for the special-powered pool balls. These range from a bunch of different colors and powers, but the yellow pool ball you'll come across quite early is a great example. If you hit it with the cue ball, since hitting it indirectly with regular red pool balls won't do anything, it will explode and send all other balls flying.

You have only ten cue balls to start out with, and every time you make a shot where no pool balls are sunk, you'll lose a cue ball. Towards later levels, you'll start running out, so it's important to sink as many pool balls in a row as you can in early levels. Doing so will not only increase the multiplier for your score, but if you sink enough pool balls in a row, you'll gain a free cue ball for later use. This is probably the only rewarding aspect of the game, since the rest of the time you'll be trying to make insane shots.

Overall, Powerpool is a great digression where you wouldn't expect it - pool games. While the genre may seem cut and dry, games like Powerpool make it seem fun and even brand new. If you're looking for a traditional game made into something ridiculous and outright fun, this is what you want to play.