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POW Pool Instructions

The control schemes of POW Pool is fairly easy. Press your mouse's left click button and move your mouse for aiming your shot. Done? Good! Next, you should double click the left click button to make the shot. Simple indeed. BUT the gameplay is far from being simple as you will soon realize.

POW Pool Walkthrough

POW Pool - this is the 3D billiard game with a twist that you are looking for. Everything looks ordinary in this game at hindsight, you need to pocket the balls in the table - find the right angle for the shot, determine the strength of your shot, do it and hope that you get to pocket the ball. HOWEVER, get this you will be potting bombs!

No, these are NOT ordinary bombs. They are timed bombs and you need to pocket them before the time runs out. Making the game more challenging, another bomb is added to the table when you move to the next stage. The good news, though, is that you get a time bonus after you finish a level.

When that happens, it's game over for you and you start from square one. And one more thing that makes the game even more challenging - it's on 3D!

YES, you don't have the usual 2D online pool table where you get a bird's eyeview of the area, which makes it easier for you to make the shot. In POW Pool, it feels like you are really playing pool in a bar or a club (with bomb balls though).

You need to imagine the direction of the cue ball when you hit it with your cue as well as the direction of the bomb would take when the cue ball hits it.

TIP - you have the P button for Pausing the game. When you are about to run out of time and can't seem to figure out how to make that shot, use it and take your time.

POW Pool is one of those advanced pool games where having real life pool playing experience definitely helps. And when it's raining outside and you can't go to the nearest pool club, POW Pool is the next best thing!