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Pool Zuma Instructions

Move your mouse around to aim your shot, and then simply click when you're ready.

Pool Zuma Walkthrough

In order to score points, players must line 3-similar colored pool balls in a row to make them disappear. This is accomplished by shooting pool balls along the line the pool balls are following. You'll finish each level when you've successfully gotten rid of all the pool balls.

Pool Zuma isn't like any pool or billiards game you've ever played before. Instead of trying to get all pool balls in the pockets, or anything like that; you're playing a pool-motif version of the game Zuma. If you haven't played that game before, you'll be surprised with something refreshingly new.

Zuma, the original game, and Pool Zuma are both like puzzle games. Your goal is to get rid of all the pools and get a high score. This can get accomplished a few ways - while playing, you can set yourself up to score tons of combos by crafty playing, or, you can simply try to get through as many levels as possible.

Either way, you're going to have fun playing this game. The original Zuma was so popular that now games like Pool Zuma (and other versions) are appearing all over the internet.

So, when you're playing, make sure that you use as many combos as possible to quickly pass through levels. Start with 2-similar colored pool balls, and then look at what's outside of them. If you get rid of the inside 2 pool balls, and match up the colors of the outer 2 balls, you'll combo and get a higher score than you would before.

Pool Zuma may seem simple at first, but with an increasingly difficult level scheme, you'll end up playing through some challenging levels. Also, it does take a while to get good any at any version of Zuma, so playing this game after a while does have its rewards.