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Pool Profi 2 Instructions

Just like its predecessor - Pool Profi 2's controls are very easy. Just use your mouse for placing your white Cue Ball in position (this is in the beginning of the game), move your mouse to change and tweak the direction of the shot, hold on the left click button for increasing the power of your shot, and release it to make the shot...THAT'S IT! Nothing fancy, nothing complicated - just pure pool fun. BUT mind you, Pool Profi 2 has something to offer to make the game a little more exciting compared to its previous version.

Pool Profi 2 Walkthrough

Pool Profi 2 has a lot of stuff similar to the previous version. You need to pocket 10 balls - this time not plain red ones BUT colored ones. Now that's not what makes the game more exciting mind you.

What I like about this pool game - Pool Profi 2, compared to its elder brother is that you have a clock to beat. Well, there is no time limit really BUT the game will record and take note of how long it took you to finish the whole set. You sure don't want the clock to show you that you took 5 minutes just to pocket all of the balls...not to mention you are alone playing (no opponents) and you are playing online?

I know I don't.

On my first try, it took me 2 minutes and 19 seconds to finish and pocket the whole bunch of balls. Pretty fast for a total newbie. Here's the bad thing though - I scratched! And when your cue ball scratches, you need to start all over again - position your cue ball, use the mouse for changing the direction, making the shot, and everything else in between while the clock is ticking. Not to mention it takes away 3000 points from your score.

Aside from that though, everything is similar to Pool Profi (the first version). Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, no life bars. Pool Profi 2 is simple, plain, BUT fun to play. That's my kind of game.