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Pool Profi Instructions

When it comes to the control department, there is nothing complicated about Pool Profi - all you have to do is use your mouse for positioning your white Cue Ball at the beginning of the game and your mouse's left click button for changing the direction as well as the power of your shot...and that's about it! Take it from there and finish the game.

Pool Profi Walkthrough

The objective of Pool Profi? It's pretty simple! Pocket all of the 10 red balls and win the game. Simplicity is the strong point of this game - the red balls are not numbered...you don't have to pocket them in a sequence making it easier for you to play the game. This is perfect for those boring office days when you are in great need for something that will keep you busy and awake.

With that said, preparation for your next shot is still essential in Pool Profi. While you can just whack at the cue ball, pocket a red only when you have the chance (without preparing for it...leaving everything to chance) will eventually finish and win the game, don't you think it's a boring way to go about it?

Anyway, the pool table is pretty wide and the pockets - sides and corners, are forgiving so you shouldn't have any problem preparing for the next shot. HOWEVER, the wide area of the pool table is what makes it difficult to pocket the last 2 or 3 balls.Worry not though as you have some visual help when you are about to make the shot (broken lines showing the direction of your ball and the path the red ball is going to take when the cue hits it).

Not a lot of game modes, no lives to care about, no clock to beat - playing Pool Profi is very simple...and that's precisely the reason why I love it! Oh, one more thing - score higher when you pocket consecutive balls. The highest I've got when it comes to the Consecutive Balls department is 6. Pretty dismal heh.

Anyway, happy pool playing!