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Pool Online Instructions

Point and click your mouse to aim your desired shot - once you click, your pool cue will begin moving back and forth. For a longer shot, let the cue farther away and then release, or, for a shorter shot, release when the cue is closer to the ball.

Pool Online Walkthrough

As far as rules go, Pool Online may seem like a simple port of billiards, but it's much more than that. Players are given 8 lives and with every missed shot, you lose half of one live. For every pool ball made, you'll gain a half a live and 100 points. Making shots in succession will increase the amount of points you're making, so getting shots in succession is essential for a high score, and to pass levels you'll need a minimum score, too.

Most online pool games will let you keep playing until you've completed the game - except for this one. With a set amount of lives, a scoreboard, and possible bonus points, Pool Online isn't like every other pool game you've ever played.

Players will be immediately used to the control scheme right when they're playing. It's simple to understand and most players will become skilled with the controls within a game or two. Once you know what you're doing, you'll be making tons of consecutive shots, and hopefully getting through tons of levels.

The first level of Online Pool requires you to score at least 1500 points - that's making at least every shot with a few consecutive shots. As the game goes on, the point requirements for each level get harder, and you'll have to end up making almost every shot in succession in later levels.

To make sure that you get a good score, try angling your shots as best you can. Remember that there's no time limit while playing Pool Online, so check out all of our options before playing. Patience is probably your best bet when trying to get to later levels; that, and luck.