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Pool Multiplayer Instructions

The control schemes for Pool Multiplayer are just like the other pool games out there. Use the mouse - the mouse itself for adjusting the direction of your shot and the left click button for taking on the desired direction, strengthening it, and release to make that shot. It's that simple. As for the rules, they are the same with the usual straight pool in online pool games. The only difference is that you will be playing - NOT with a computer, BUT with a fellow pool player (a carbon based one that is).

Pool Multiplayer Walkthrough

Pool Multiplayer - as the name suggests, this game is unlike the other online pool games out there where you play solo, focus more on trick shots, and the like. In Pool Multiplayer, you get to play straight pool against people who are enthusiastic about the game like you! You get to practice NOT against a ruthless machine who plays almost perfectly BUT against humans who could make mistakes...leaving you some windows of opportunity to take advantage of.

A reminder - you need to sign up to play the game. You need to register a name if you want to be recognized by your friends or post your score on the table. HOWEVER, if playing the game is the only thing you are after, just hit Play As Guest and you are good to go.

Here's how to play the game: left click the Flashing Cue Ball to select and get your game started. Next, move your mouse to aim your shot. After that, press and hold the left click . This will adjust and gain your desired power of the shot. And once you have made up your mind about it, just release the button.

BUT what if my opponent makes a scratch? Well that's good news for you! With it, the Cue Ball is placed in the middle... and when it starts flashing, you can select it and place it where you think appropriate. Place it somewhere where you can easily prepare for the next and upcoming shots and eventually finish the game.