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Pool Master Instructions

Pool Master - the controls are pretty simple. Select the flashing Cue Ball using the left click button if your mouse and place it on your chosen location for making the first shot. Next, set the direction for your Cue Ball by moving your mouse. And to make your shot, hold the left click button...tweaking how much power you want to put into the shot and release it. And that's it! Again, it's as easy as using your mouse's left click button for positioning and mouse for moving and tweaking directions.

Pool Master Walkthrough

This game of pool - Pool Master - offers you different game modes for your gaming pleasure. Practice Mode, Arcade Mode, Challenge Mode, and last Play Vs Computer - that's a total of 4 modes for you to choose from.

So you want to just enjoy pool at its best - with no time limits, no life bars or counts to care about? Yeah? Then go for Practice Mode. This is perfect for those total newbies in the game. And that includes me. :)

On the other hand, the Arcade Mode is for those who want to take their pool skills to the next level. This will test how good you are in the game and will surely make you a better online pool master. Pocket the balls in time and gain more advantage on the clock and score higher.

And when you think you are already good enough go for the Challenge Mode. This one offers 8 levels of challenges at varying degrees of difficulty. With this, you can test how good you are at the game...if you are good enough to move on to the next mode which is the...

Versus Computer Mode - whether you want to go for Straight Ball Pool or 8 Ball Pool, the computer will be more than equipped and ready to take on you. Mind you guys, the computer is an unforgiving opponent. Give it a small window of opportunity to win the game and it will take advantage of it like a machine that it is!