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Pool King Instructions

Pool King - this pool game's control scheme is fairly simple - nothing complicated or fancy. All you have to do is use your mouse...make sure it's sensitive enough. Use the left click button for setting the cue ball and the shot's direction, move your mouse while holding on the left click to tweak the the power of your shot, release it and viola! You just made your first Pool King shot!

Pool King Walkthrough

This pool game places your pool playing skills to the test. You see, your game is timed - 4 minutes...that's all you have to sink all of the balls in the table. You need to make accurate and quick shots to pot in the 9 Ball as fast as possible. Do that and you will gain valuable bonus points!

9 Ball Pool - it's a simple and fun game to play. And that's what Pool King is all about. It keeps the game entertaining for the solo player with the simple controls, nice graphics, and points system that it has.

The rules? They are easy. If you have played 9 Ball Pool before, then skip this part and just go ahead and enjoy the game. HOWEVER, for those who are total newcomers, read the simple steps and have fun afterwards.

In 9 Ball Pool and in Pool King, each shot you make has to first hit the lowest numbered ball on the table. In the beginning of the game, when you are about to make your break, hit ball number 1. Once you are able to pocket that, hit the next lowest numbered ball first which is 2. The game goes on until you are able to pocket the 9 Ball. Simple heh? And to make sure you don't make any mistakes as to the ball you first hit, the lowest numbered ball in the bunch is highlighted on your screen.

Use your mouse for rotating your cue stick and aim your shot better. Once you have made up your mind concerning the angle of your shot, press down the left button of yoru mouse and move it back to add strength to your shot. When you have your desired strength for the shot, just release the button and shoot.

Tip for getting bonus points - sink the 9 ball as early as you can by using a lower numbered ball.

Easy rules, nice graphics, good scoring system - if that is what you are after in a pool game, then you should give Pool King a try. You will surely love it.