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Pool Game Instructions

Click on the cue ball to bring up the pool cue, and angle your shot with your cursor, and release the left mouse button to shoot the cue ball. You'll start out with 8 lives and you lose half a life every time you don't sink a shot. You'll lose a whole life if you scratch the cue ball, and you'll gain half a life every time you sink a pool ball.

Pool Game Walkthrough

Pool Game, as it's simply called, is a flash game where you'll be...playing pool. There are different levels to play through, and to get through all of them you'll have to make the minimum score per each level. The score you have to beat is given at the start of the level, so keep in mind what you have to shoot for, and to pass some of the later levels you'll have to get a higher score by making consecutive shots.

The aiming system in Pool Game is a little different than most pool games, and it can take a little while to get used to. Instead of aiming at other pool balls, you'll have to first click on the cue ball and then rotate your cursor around the cue ball to aim your shot. After you get the hang of it, though, it should be no problem. Focus on making consecutive shots as much as you can - it's the best way to earn points and move on to other levels.

The physics in Pool Game, like the aiming system, is a little different. Pool balls will tend to spin a lot more than they do in real-life, or any other online pool game, and it does take a little while for every pool ball to stop moving. If you can get the hang of the physics and aiming system in Pool Game, going on to harder levels should be no problem.