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Rating: 4.28/5 stars (88 ratings)

Plunk Pool 2 Instructions

Click on the pool ball you want to hit with your mouse, and release the left mouse button to hit it; how far you drag your mouse while aiming will gauge the power of your shot.

Plunk Pool 2 Walkthrough

Plunk Pool 2 is an interesting, dynamic pool game that isn't like any other pool game you've ever played before. For starters, you don't have to worry about stripes or solids, or even numbers - the pool balls you want to sink will all be the same color, and it won't matter what order you sink them in. Next, there aren't a set amount of pockets on every mode you play in - in tutorial mode, for instance, there will be a huge pocket that takes up half of the table in the first level and four pockets on the last level.

Besides a tutorial mode, there are six other modes you have to choose from, including free play mode and ballistics mode. Getting farther in some modes will unlock levels in others, so make sure you try out everything this game has to offer. In free play mode, you'll be able to play a normal game of pool, or just about as normal as you can get with Plunk Pool 2. In ballistics course, every pool ball you hit is super-bouncy, so every pool ball on the table goes practically flying every time it's hit.

Overall, if you're looking for a fun pool game that isn't exactly traditional or normal, Plunk Pool 2 should be on the top of your list. As a sequel, it trumps everything that was available in the first Plunk Pool, and the different amount of gameplay modes available in Plunk Pool 2 will keep you busy for a long time. If you like challenges and crazy game modes, this is the game for you.