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PentHouse Pool Single Player Instructions

Penthouse Pool Single Player is a very simple game to get the hang of. When starting the game, simply place the cue ball, angle your shot, click and pull back the mouse to gauge the power of your shot. After a few shots, you'll know exactly how to play.

PentHouse Pool Single Player Walkthrough

If you've ever played pool before, you'll know what to do here. There are both 9-ball and straight pool options, depending on what you like to play, but both are easy enough. If you're looking for a quick game, go with 9-ball. As for points and scoring, every ball you make in succession adds to a bonus multiplayer - the more balls you make in a row, the more points you'll get. Also, while playing, there's a 2-minute time limit per each game, so you'll have to hurry and think on your feet if you want to successfully complete a game.

Penthouse Pool Single Player is a great flash game that anyone can pick up, especially if you love to play pool. If you've never played pool before, Penthouse Pool Single Player would be a great game to teach you - it shows you how to angle shots, and it shows you how the physics of the game work. While there is a time limit that adds to the excitement of the game, the 9-ball and straight pool options give the game play another dimension. If you think you're good at 9-ball, then give straight pool a try.

If you're good at straight pool, there's always 9-ball. Penthouse Pool Single Player is great for pool novices and pros alike - you can either learn the game with it, or improve your game with it. It's a perfect time waster, since you'll be learning how to angle shots better, and it's always fun to try and improve your high score; especially with the bonus multiplayer. If you really want a challenge, try completing a game without missing a shot - you may just rack up a huge amount of points.

If you want something easy to play that can easily be a challenge, try out Penthouse Pool Single Player. If you don't know how to play pool in the first place, it's the best way to learn how.