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PentHouse Pool Multiplayer Instructions

The control scheme of Penthouse Pool Multiplayer is nothing new as far as online pool games go... whether multi player or single player. For just about everything, you just use your mouse. A couple of clicks to create a room and pick the settings you want (whether it's a one on one or two against two pool game), a couple of clicks to get the game started once the room is full, some more clicks and mouse movement to get the right angle and power for your shot, rinse and repeat. The only time you would be using your keyboard is to input the name of the room you have created! With that part taken care of, let's take a look at the game...

PentHouse Pool Multiplayer Walkthrough

Playing a good game of pool with friends is unbeatable. BUT when you can't do that, worry not. You can always have the next best thing: play PentHouse Pool Multiplayer! As the name suggests, this is a multi player online pool game. If you have grown sick and tired of playing against the AI (maybe your butt is served to you on a silver platter each time you play?), if you want to have a little chat while playing online pool games, or if you want to maybe meet someone new and make friends along the way, Pent House Pool Multiplayer is a game you should check out.

There are 3 pool games to choose from. You can go for the usual 9 Ball Pool played by the likes of Earl Strickland, Efren Reyes, and company. You can go for something that has slightly more complicated and stricter rules - the 8 Ball Pool. On the other hand, if you just want to pocket balls in no particular order, you can settle for the Straight Pool. Whichever game of pool you pick, it is presented to you in a way that's pleasing to the eye. YES, the graphics and designs of this game has been well thought about and it's done nicely. This is always a plus.

Playing the game is as easy as pie. You just use your mouse to aim the ball that you want to pot or pocket. Next, set the power by clicking and dragging the left mouse button in the direction opposite from where you are aiming. Once you are done, once you think you have the perfect power and angle for your shot, release the mouse button to shoot.

There's nothing out of this world or crazy about Pent House Pool Multi Player. You get the standard pool games I have mentioned above. BUT what's nice is the multiplayer touch that allows you to socialize. While this can't replace the real thing that you do in bars or clubs, it's a nice substitute. Give PentHouse Pool Multiplayer, WOW those online pool gamers, and climb up the score boards.