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Sure enough, the title of this pool game suggests serious doses of craziness and out of this world stuff. And it did NOT disappoint. HOWEVER, in the control scheme department, Pandemonium Pool is just about as standard as it could get. Just like in most pool games out there, you only need your mouse to play the game: use it to get the right angle and power for your shot, use it to sink those balls in the pockets, and everything else in between. With that aspect taken care of, let's check out the game...

Pandemonium Pool Walkthrough

Standard versions of pool games online are good. BUT when you get a little bored and tired of the same thing, well, worry NOT. There are crazier versions that you can always switch to. Hmmm, maybe not to sharpen your ball sinking or pocketing skills. More or less, it's just for the LOL factor and fun. And who wouldn't have fun if your table's pockets close and open randomly? When obstacles would suddenly appear... eating up your cue ball and ruining what is supposed to be a clean and sweat-free shot? YES, folks. That's how crazy things could get in Pandemonium Pool!

The objective of this crazy and out of this world pool game is just the same with the average and standard ones out there: you need to clear the balls from the pool table. HOWEVER, the themes, the level of difficulty and the obstacles that come along with them makes Pandemonium Pool really twisted... and in a good way.

Before starting the game, you will be asked to select what theme you'd like to use: (1) First, we have the Spaced Out Theme. Wonder what it feels like to play billiards like Celestials and godly beings do? Yeah? Then this is the theme to pick. Play with the planets as the pool's balls, the whole universe as the pool table, and black holes as the pockets! (2) The Untamed And Wild theme, on the other hand, has this Safari and Aztec like feel to it. (3) If you want the standard feel and looks of a pool table and set, you should pick the third theme - the Classic Theme. (4) Now, if you are wondering what it feels like to play billiards or pool while you are under water, pick the fourth one - The Deep Theme. (5) Last BUT not the least, if being spooked is your thing, then The Spooked Theme is yours for the taking with eyeballs acting as the balls, the pool table looks like a cemetery, and with the mouths of those evil clowns serving as the pockets.

There are several difficulty levels to choose from. There are five to be exact. If you are a newbie, pick the very first one - the Newbie Level, which allows you to play a normal game of pool. There are no obstacles, you can pocket whatever ball you want, and the pockets remain open all the time. Next, we have Rookie Level - there are only 4 pockets present in this level, and while there are no obstacles, you need to pocket the HIGHLIGHTED ball. At the Intermediate level, you only have 2 pockets to work on and there are obstacles to avoid. Next to the most difficult level is Expert Level. On this one, you are required to clear the table within a given time frame, which is hard to do since there are only 2 pockets in the game and obstacles appear randomly.

Last BUT not the least, we have the Prince Of Pandemonium Level which throws everything at you... even the kitchen sink! The pockets randomly open and close. Obstacles appear here and there. A time limit is imposed, and you need to pocket the highlighted ball or else it will be not be counted as part of your score.