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Neon Disks 2 Instructions

Line up your shot with the cue ball then click with the left mouse button - try to reflect and ricochet as many shots and disks as you can in this pool-based puzzle game.

Neon Disks 2 Walkthrough

Neon Disks 2 is an addicting, hair-pulling puzzle game that's quite similar to the game of pool. You have a cue ball, a certain amount of shots you can take - but that's where the similarities end. You'll quickly see that every disk in every level you come across is red; it's up to you to change every disk to the color green before running out of clicks. To do this, you'll have to aim and take shots with your cue ball. Every disk that ricochets and hits another disk will turn that disk green, and so on. With this in mind, it's possible to beat many levels with just one click, and with others, it may take even five or six clicks.

The first level of Neon Disks 2 isn't challenging at all; you start with ten clicks and four disks that you have to turn green. Wherever you click on the screen is where your cue ball will go, so with that in mind, try to complete each level using as few clicks of your mouse as possible. In between levels you'll be able to choose between upgrades for your cue ball, or upgrades that distort and change gravity. Each of these upgrades will help you, but you can only choose one every time you beat a level, so choose carefully.

Towards later levels, you'll have to start making mid-air shots. Take a shot, and while the cue ball is still moving, click again once it's lined up with a better shot. In the beginning levels, it's fine to take a shot and wait for everything to stop moving, but as the game progresses, you'll have to take more shots that require a good deal of finesse. Besides selecting an upgrade after every level, you'll gain three clicks, and that's what keeps you alive towards the end of the game.

If you like challenging physics, puzzles, and elements of pool, you'll love this spin-off and sequel to Neon Disks - if you can get past the first few levels, that is.