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Multiplayer Pool Profi Instructions

If you're the first player, place the cue ball and aim and shoot. Use the mouse to gauge the power of your shots, and aim carefully to make more complicated shots.

Multiplayer Pool Profi Walkthrough

Multiplayer Pool Profi is more than an online pool flash game - in it, instead of playing a 2-player mode with someone sitting next to you, you can play against someone from around the world. When starting, you'll be prompted to type in a user name, and then you'll be shown the available tables you can play at.

Since you never know who you're going to be playing against, besides usernames, every new game is a challenge. You may be playing against a complete novice at first, and then get completely owned by a master in only a few minutes. That's what makes Multiplayer Pool Profi different from other flash pool-based games, and that's why people like playing it.

So, instead of playing against the computer, you'll be playing against other live players. This means you can learn from watching other players, too, and it's probably the best way to improve your pool game.

As far as rules go, it's a standard game of pool. You either get stripes or solid-colored pool balls, and from there, you systematically sink as many of your pool balls as you can. Once you do, make the 8-ball shot to win, or, if you're playing during the game and accidentally shoot the 8-ball in a pocket, you lose; so avoid doing that as much as possible.

The physics of the game are standard - so don't expect anything too crazy. If anything, this is a closer version to real-life pool than most flash versions of the game, so if you're looking for something realistic, this would be your game to play. Add that and the fact that there are live players, and you've got yourself a game that you'll be playing for quite a while.