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Mission 9 Ball Instructions

Line up your shot, click with the left mouse button, and watch the power meter at the bottom of the screen to gauge your shot. Apply pool cue chalk by pressing the spacebar, giving your better control on your shots. Use the arrow keys to change the angle you hit the cue ball with.

Mission 9 Ball Walkthrough

Mission 9 Ball is a simple online pool game - in it, you can either play mission mode or freeplay mode. The latter being just a standard game of pool, so if you're looking for a good time waster freeplay mode should be your first choice. Mission mode, however, is a little bit more difficult to play.

You'll be given a set amount of lives in mission mode - every time you miss a shot, you'll lose one, and every time you pocket the cue ball, you'll lose 2. Once you completely run out of lives, it's a game over and you'll have to start back at the first mission, so make sure you're making your shots.

Each mission will give you an objective to accomplish. Some will be easy and simple - just pocket in a few pool balls - while others will put obstacles in the way. The sooner you complete each mission, the higher your score will be, so try not to miss any shots at all, if possible.

If you're ever having trouble making a shot, try applying chalk to your pool cue (by pressing the spacebar button). Or, if you want to change the angle you're hitting the cue at, try moving the point of impact with the arrow keys - you'll be able to see where you're hitting the cue at on the bottom of the screen.

Overall, Mission 9 Ball is a great game if you like pool and have nothing else to do; the in-game physics engine is realistic, so it's just about as close as you can get to the real thing.