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Lightning Pool Instructions

The controls of Lightning Pool is pretty standard. Just like your average pool games, you need to use your mouse to play the game. First off, you need to move your mouse's cursor to the spot where you want the ball to go to. Next, press and hold down the left click button to tweak your shot's power. Once you are done with that part, release the left click button to make the shot, and watch as the cue ball goes in the direction you have chosen... and hopefully, it sinks the target ball into one of the pockets. With that part taken care of, let's check out the game...

Lightning Pool Walkthrough

This is simply one of the best pool games I have ever laid my hands on (for reasons you shall see later). BUT before anything else, if you are pool game purist and would like to stick with the genuine versions and variations of pool like 8 Ball Pool, Straight Ball Pool, or 9 Ball Pool, this may not be for you. This is a twisted version... and the twist is very well made and it's exciting. If you are quite bored with the usual pool games out there, you may want to give it a shot.

The objective of Lightning Pool is very straightforward and easy to understand: you need to sink the balls... and you need to do so FAST. You see, there's a time limit and if that runs out, it's game over! There are a lot of things that appear on the pool table, and you better be aware of what they do and how they affect the outcome of the game: First off, we have the watches. They are pretty double edged. They can give you more time on the clock or take precious seconds away from it! Then there are tokens. If you touch one of these, the colored balls will switch to the token's color. The coins, on the other hand, MUST be collected if you want to open the secret levels, which will give you more opportunities to climb up the score ladders.

As for the Lightning, well, you need to avoid them at all costs. Hit one of them and it's game over. On the contrary, if a Silver Ball appears on the table, sink it no matter how out of position it is. Why? Heck! That will multiply your time on the clock by 50 times! The white ball, on the other hand, should not be pocketed. Make that mistake and four seconds will be taken away from your clock. By the way, the number of the balls indicate how many times your time limit will be multiplied. For example, if you sink ball number 2 and you have 20 seconds on the clock, you will end up having 40 seconds.

There are different fouls and respective penalties in Lightning Pool, and you better be aware of them too if you want to get far in this game: (1) If you do NOT hit a ball, four seconds will be deducted from your time limit. (2) Sinking the white cue ball, as I have mentioned earlier, will also take away four seconds from your clock. (3) The black watches, avoid them! Hitting them will take away five seconds from your time. (4) Last BUT not the least, hitting the lightning means game over... enough said!

Another nicety, which I love, is the addition of Secret Levels. Every 5 levels, a secret level will appear. You can play on it ONLY if you have collected sufficient coins. You need to collect a total of 10 coins. Do that and a key will appear and light up on the table. That means a secret level is open for you to play on. YES, Lightning Pool is not your average pool game... which means you get fun on above average doses, too!