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Heartballs Instructions

Click to shoot a heartball - the longer you hold down the left mouse button, the more powerful the shot will be. Have any two heartballs of the same color land on each other to eliminate the first heartball, while landing a heartball on two heartballs of the same color will get rid of the first two.

Heartballs Walkthrough

Heartballs is a puzzle game with a simple premise - click to fire a heartball, and try to land it on another that's the same color. But there's just one thing; if there are more than ten heartballs on the screen at anytime, you'll lose.

That's why you have to take precise shots in Heartballs, and that's why the game gets progressively more difficult after playing for a while: more colors are introduced, instead of the three you start out with, and you'll have to start making every shot towards the end of the game. In the beginning, you'll just start out with green, red, and blue heartballs - these are easy to get rid of, and the shots aren't very difficult since they aren't that far apart. But, as said before, the game will add new colors, and you'll have to keep up accordingly.

A game with a simple premise like Heartballs doesn't seem like it would be that difficult - but it does, and quickly. While taking your shots, make sure you know how to gauge the power meter; the physics in Heartballs are pretty solid, so heartballs are quick to move but stop very easily. Make sure you work this into your playing style, and when you're making a shot that will determine whether you win or lose, make sure it's a safe one. If you need to get rid of a bunch of heartballs at once, try getting one heartball on top of two of the same color - this will get rid of two heartballs and save you a turn in the long run.

If strategic thinking isn't your strong suit, don't let it stop you from playing this puzzling, pool game. You'll have to think on your feet, and if you can make a lot of well-aimed shots under pressure, then maybe Heartballs is the game for you.