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English Pub Pool: Random Potting Instructions

Use your mouse to shoot the cue ball; the farther you pull back the pool cue, the stronger your shot will be. To change the angle you're hitting the cue ball with, use the WASD or arrow keys. To speed up a shot at any time, hit the Z key, and to move the cue ball during play (as many times as you'd like) hit the M key. Hit the Q key to quit playing English Pub Pool: Random Potting at any time.

English Pub Pool: Random Potting Walkthrough

English Pub Pool: Random Potting is an online pool game where you'll be sinking random pool balls instead of playing a standard game of pool. This makes for an interesting twist, and you'll be able to unlock trophies and achievements if you're good enough.

To start out, place the cue ball anywhere on the table. If you don't like where your cue ball is placed, simply hit the M key and you'll be able to put it wherever you'd like, but you can only do this after missing a shot. At the beginning of each level, you'll start with five misses - as you foul and miss shots, you'll run out of misses, and eventually lose the game if you can't sink a shot.

If you're having trouble making shots, remember that after every time you miss sinking a pool ball, you can place the cue ball wherever you'd like with the M key. If you use this effectively, you never have to miss more than one shot in a row - simply put the cue ball in the easiest position available, and make your shot.

Doing particularly well in English Pub Pool: Random Potting, unlike other online pool games, will unlock trophies. While some trophies are harder to unlock than others, and others are nearly impossible, it's a fun feature added to the game that won't normally find in other online pool games.

All in all, English Pub Pool: Random Potting has a great aiming system and the pool balls have realistic physics. And if you want to play through a game quickly, you can speed up every shot you make with the Z key - making this one flash game you'll want to play.