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As far as control schemes go, Deluxe Pool is very standard. Nothing out of this world or complicated. No messed up control keys to play the game. All you need to have, just like in most pool games out there, is a good and working mouse to play the game. Use your mouse to get the game started, interact with some of the options, find the right angle and power for your shot, and everything else in between. YES, in Deluxe Pool, a mouse is all you need to get the pool action rolling!

Deluxe Pool Walkthrough

Deluxe Pool is a game you should check out if: (1) If you are a huge fan of pool... so huge that playing it live isn't enough. You also have to play it online. (2) If you don't care about other twisted versions of pool and you want only the standard and real life version. (3) If you are bored and you want to kill some time while having fun. Nah, Deluxe Pool isn't crazy... BUT it sure is close to the pool you play with your friends at the bars and clubs!

The goal of this pool game is pretty standard: there's a white cue ball and a couple of colored and numbered balls (9 balls to be precise). What you need to do is sink the balls in the correct order. At the start of the ball, using the white cue ball, you need to aim for the lowest numbered ball (which is 1). You want to hit it as hard as you can to increase your chances of sinking a ball or two and to scatter them as wide as you can. This gives you an easier time to prepare for your next shots. Basically, you want to play Deluxe Pool like you would play a standard game of pool with your friends.

Well, you can sink the balls in any order as long as you hit the balls with the right order. For example, during your break, you sank ball number 5 BUT it was a good shot... hitting ball number one first, then that's OK. HOWEVER, if you hit ball number 9 first and sank ball number 1, that's a bad shot and you will get penalized for it. This is where preparation comes in. You don't just want to hit balls and sink them. You want to make sure that the cue ball will be positioned in a place where you can hit the next numbered ball in the sequence with ease. Unfortunately, I'm bad at preparation myself so I can't give you any advanced lessons about it whether it's real life or online pool.

If you are a newbie to online pool games, don't worry. There's an aiming aid which will show you the white cue ball's direction as well as where the next target ball is. There you have it, you won't have any excuse if you hit or aim the wrong ball. Well, even if you do have an excuse, that doesn't matter. You will still get penalized for it. Back to the game, you will drag the cue stick by moving the mouse. For those of you who are quite adept to applying side spins or English to your shots, you can do so by clicking on the white cue ball on top of the screen and tweaking the spot where you want to apply your spin.

For every correct shot, you will gain points. BUT let me warn you: you cannot take your time in this game as there is an elapsed time which will be subtracted from your total score. You sure don't want to stare long enough at the table and let your elapsed time eat up your total score, do you?

Oh! And one last thing, this comes with a 2 player option so you can enjoy Deluxe Pool with one of your buds.