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Crazy Pool Instructions

While this is not one of your average pool games, the controls of Crazy Pool is as standard as it could get. There are no complicated key combinations, nothing fancy... all you need to do is use your mouse. A couple of clicks to get the game rolling in the right direction, more clicks to eliminate all of the balls in the pool, some more clicks to get to the next level, and rinse and repeat. Onto the game...

Crazy Pool Walkthrough

If good and old pool games tire and bore you, then you are in for a treat with this one. The goal in the Crazy Pool series is pretty much the same with average and conventional pool games: you need to remove all of the balls from the table. HOWEVER, getting the job done is the 'unconventional' part. You see, there are no pockets on the table... not even a single one. So that means the usual way f sinking balls in the holes don't cut it here.

So how does the game work? Here's how: You see, balls of the same color, when they hit each other, they disappear. That's how you eliminate the balls in the table. You need to hold your left click button down until you have the desired power and angle for your shot. Once you get that out of the way, release the left click button to make the shot. Your first shot should be with the white cue ball. After that, you can use whatever remaining ball you have, and here's what's crazier: you don't even have to wait for the balls to stop before you can shoot again. YES, this is NOT one of your average and sometimes boring pool games. This is Crazy Pool!

Now, you will see a lot of tiny balls scattered all over the place. You want to collect these tiny colored balls as they give you extra points, and you do this by colliding them with a ball of whatever color. HOWEVER, if you want to maximize the points you can milk out of these tiny colored balls, you should collide a BIGGER ball to one of these mini balls of the SAME color. And lastly, there's no way you can ignore these tiny balls. To win a level, you also need to clear them off of the table.

Also, in this pool game, you will find color changers. These things look like 3 rotating or circumventing (I'm not sure if that's the right term) tadpoles of the same color... well, that's how they look like to me. You will get my drift when you see them in the game. They are in the game to help you change the color of whatever ball you have left in the table so you can clear them up. So you want to change the green ball to a red one? No biggie! All you have to do is collide them with the red color changer and you will have a red ball in a moment's notice. If you are having a hard time clearing the table, these color changers would be of great help.

There are other elements in this pool game that make it crazier and well above average. There's the bouncer, which looks like a ball with a diamond right at the center. When a ball hits it, it gets tossed away even further. Then we have the dummy with a black dot in the middle of it. If your balls hits the dummy, it gets slowed down. Also, we have the magnet - a ball with a cross right in the middle. If a ball gets close to it, it's pulled even closer. And lastly, we have its counterpart, the anti magnet, which, as you may have guessed, repels the balls away from it. These things can be great aid or obstacles depending on the situation. How do you find out? Simple: play Crazy Pool and discover how mad and exciting this version of pool could get!