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Carom Billiard Instructions

Use the arrow keys before shooting to control the type and amount of spin you want on the cue. To aim your shot, move your cursor over the billiards table and click to shoot. For more power, hold down the left mouse button longer, or less for a shorter-range shot.

Carom Billiard Walkthrough

Carom Billiard is quite the complex online billiard game. For starters, instead of playing a standard game of billiards, you're playing by missions - you'll have specific tasks and goals you have to accomplish before moving on to the next mission, and at times, these missions can become quite difficult, especially since you only have so many lives - and they're easy to lose, too.

Carom Billiard is complex for a different reason, though. Most online billiards and pool games will have you simply point and click, while Carom Billiard lets you use chalk on your billiard cue (for better accuracy), you can add spin onto your shot if you wish (to make more complex shots), and there's a sub-screen that provides a viewpoint of where the cue is going to strike. So you're more than able to make the most complicated shot.

When you start playing, you'll be prompted to input a username and then you'll begin playing missions. If you don't want to play missions, though, you can simply play in a freestyle mode, where you can get a better feel of the game, and tighten up your billiards skills.

To make the game just a bit easier, especially in difficult missions, Carom Billiard has a built-in aiming system that will show you where your cue ball is going to go, and where the billiard balls it's going to hit are going as well. This makes the game easier, to an extent, and it's great for planning your shots and completing missions. Remember, you only have so many lives during a mission, so you have to make careful shots.