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Bubble Pool Instructions

Use your mouse to aim your shots, click once to start the power meter and click again to shoot. Make consecutive shots for a higher score, and avoid scratching the cue ball as it will deduct points from your overall score.

Bubble Pool Walkthrough

Bubble Pool is a space-themed online pool game. Even though it may sound like you've never played anything like it before, it's the same as any other game of pool, and it's just as easy (or difficult) to play.

To start off, you'll have to place the cue ball anywhere on the pool table. Be sure to place it near an easy shot, since consecutive shots are worth more points, and after you've made your first shot, it's only a matter of time until you clear the table. To help you out, you'll have an aiming system that's quite accurate - use it as much as possible when trying to sink a pool ball, or bubble as the game calls them, but make sure that you don't use too much power when making your shots.

While Bubble Pool is space-themed, the physics might as well come from outer space, too. If you hit any pool ball on the table too hard, it can bounce back and hit the cue ball - making it move faster and further than any pool ball would have. When you're breaking a group of pool balls up, make sure you don't put too much power into your shot - the cue ball will end up bouncing away, not the pool ball you wanted to sink in the first place.

Overall, Bubble Pool is a cool, well-themed pool game. If you've got some time to waste, try it out - there's only one level to complete, and since you get bonus points for making consecutive shots, see how high of a score you can get while playing this online pool game.