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Blast Billiards Gold Instructions

As for the controls of Blast Billiards alone, it's nothing complicated. The Cue Ball, unlike in other games, is already placed for you and all you have to do is make the shot - using the mouse for changing directions and hold the left click button for increasing the power of your shot. And when you have made up your mind, just release the left button of your mouse and there you have it! HOWEVER, the challenges that Blast Billiards Gold offers is anything BUT easy and simple as you will see.

Blast Billiards Gold Walkthrough

Blast Billiards Gold - in this game of online pool, get ready to face 20 pool challenges of increasing difficulty. YES, you gotta bring your A game if you want to win this game. Go from Challenge 1 to 20, score high, and post it on the scoreboard.

Let's check out the different levels that this online pool game has to offer:

Level 1 The Snooker Colors - For this challenge, you need to pot all of the balls - 8 of them within 90 seconds. Guess what, it took me 5 tries to get over this level. You see, you won't get any visual help as to where the cue ball and the colored ball will go when the white one makes contact.

Level 2 Nine Ball Messy - This gave me a very hard time! For this level, you have to pocket all of 9 balls that are randomly spread in the correct order. And you only have 100 seconds to get the job done. For total newbies like me, such a time limit is very unforgiving!

Level 3 Nine Ball Pyramid - This is very much like the previous challenge - you have 100 seconds and you need to pot in all of the balls in the table...and in the correct order.

Level 4 Killer 3 Lives - For this one, pocket all of the balls in ANY order! Well, before you jump for joy and think that this one is a piece of cake, let me remind you - you only have 3 lives. Make 3 fouls - scratches, not hitting any balls, etc. And you are out of the game.

And those are just four of the levels! Level 20 is the Tricky Trickshot. You have to pocket 2 balls and you only have one shot to make. But worry not, you have 120 seconds to think about it.

Very challenging, exciting - if this is your kind of pool game, you should play Blast Billiards Gold!