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Billiards Instructions

Billiards - if you are looking for a pool game that has a simple controls scheme, then this is one of the games you should check out. You just need your computer's mouse for this game. The left click button is for firing or shooting that white cue ball (and for adjusting the strength of your shot as well) and the mouse on the other hand is for moving your cue stick and angling for your shot. Nothing complicated as far as the controls go and the same thing can be said with the game play as well.

Billiards Walkthrough

This online pool game - Billiards, is a simplified game of pool or billiards as some came to know it (including me). The rules are very easy to understand and follow - all you have to do is pocket all of the red balls on the table. YES, no numbered balls in this game. No need to pocket the lowest numbered ball. Go however you like as long as you pocket all of the red balls in time (YES folks to make the game more challenging, there is a time limit).

HOWEVER, there is one BIG Don't in the game - and that is to pocket the white cue ball. This is a penalty known as scratch. Do that and you will be heavily penalized by deducting time. Time is everything in this game you see. When you run out of time, it's game over for you and you have to start from square one.

Again, here's how to play the game - pocket all of the red balls, use your mouse for aiming, the left click for adjusting the strength and shooting, and that's it. Oh! One more reminder, the farther your mouse is away from the ball, the harder and stronger the shot gets.

Simple indeed. Happy pool playing!