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Ballero Instructions

The controls for Ballero are pretty simple. The mouse is for changing the direction of your shots. And on the other hand, the left click button is for tweaking and changing the power of your shots. Pretty simple - nothing fancy, nothing complicated as far as controls go. BUT the gameplay is where it's at! Check it out.

Ballero Walkthrough

The objectives of Ballero?

Here it is: you should shoot the balls inside the ring. The balls are destroyed when you connect 3 or more balls of the same color. The more balls destroyed the greater you score. Be reminded: after every shot you make, another ball appears and you can only have a limited number of balls in the ring. Go beyond that andit's game over!

So how do you play the game?

Alright, there are 4 steps that you need to follow.

First, you should move your mouse around the current ball (it's the one with an arrow) to select the direction of the shot. Next, you need to press and hold to the left click button of your mouse to tweak and define the power of your shot. After that, release the left button to shoot the ball. And last BUT not the least, hope and pray that your shot is good enough to link 3 or more balls of the same color.

Well, the last step was a joke. Just kidding. Of course, you need to make sure your shot links the current ball to another one of the same color. Believe me, you can't leave everything to chances in this game. Do that and it will be game over for you.

With different levels like Loser, Rookie, Average, Expert, and Master - you will surely find a level that will suit your skills. Mind you, the Loser (which is the lowest level) can be difficult to especially if you are a newcomer in this sort or genre of games. PLUS, with different levels to take, Ballero is, without a doubt, an excellent game to kill time and keep you busy especially when it gets boring at home, school, or office.