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9-Ball Clear-Up (Pool) Instructions

Point and click to aim and take your shot, and pull back your cursor to gauge the power of your shot. Use either the WASD or arrow keys to change cue ball spin, while the Z key speeds up shots and the Q button will let you quit the game at any time.

9-Ball Clear-Up (Pool) Walkthrough

Like all other online pool and billiards game, your objective in 9-Ball Clear Up is to sink as many pool balls as possible, with a few exceptions. You're playing 9-ball time attack in this particular game, so you'll have to sink the lowest valued ball on your first shot, and you have to sink the 9-ball with your last shot. Otherwise, whatever shot you've made will be a foul, and you'll lose a life. Try to complete the game as fast as you can, and if you're not sure which numbered ball is which, there's a bar at the bottom of the screen that will show you each pool ball in numerical order.

9-Ball Clear-Up has quite a few extra features for a regular online pool game. For instance, there are a ton of trophies and achievements you can unlock - each one being hard to get, while some of the last ones being near impossible.

If you're having trouble making shots, be sure to use the in-game aiming system to its fullest. With it, you can plan out shot by stretching your cursor across the pool table - doing this will show you where a ball will go, and if you're not sure about a straight-line shot, use the WASD or arrow keys to change the point of impact when you hit the cue ball.

To add a huge sum to your score, try to sink all of the pool balls in numerical order during time attack. While you do have to sink the first pool ball first and last pool ball last, getting the rest in order will do more than just compliment your score - and you'll unlock a nice trophy, too.