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8 Ball Pool Instructions

Use your mouse to aim your shot by clicking on the red section of the pool cue. Once your shot is properly aimed, gauge the power with the meter on the bottom of the screen, and hit the shoot button. Whoever sinks the first pool ball decides what you're playing for - if you sink a striped ball, you're playing stripes, and if you sink a solid-colored ball, you're playing solids.

8 Ball Pool Walkthrough

8 Ball Pool is a simple online pool adaptation. You'll be able to play against a computer in a standard game of stripes versus solids, and depending on how good of a pool player you are, you just may end up winning.

You'll be responsible for the initial break - it's important to sink a ball in your first shot, so when you're taking the first shot, make sure the power meter on the bottom of the screen is at its max. Depending on which type of ball you sink, you'll either start trying to sink only stripes or only solids.

And it's important to stick with which type of ball you're supposed to sink, because if you sink one of the computer's pool balls, it's a foul and he'll gain control of the cue ball. This isn't a good thing for a two reasons - first of all, it's always bad to foul, and second, the computer is a little too good at 8 Ball Pool. At times it will seem like the computer is making trick shots, while the shots the computer usually misses are ridiculously easy. If you let the computer get the ball, though, it's going to do some damage, so avoid that as much as possible.

With nice physics and an easy shooting system, 8 Ball Pool is an easy online game that anyone can play and have fun with - if you want to brush up on your pool game, this is one easy way to do so.